Important Planet X News Update 9/20/2015

Our inside sources are telling us that there are webcams being shut down at this moment. And if you perform a google search for webcams you will most likely find the earth cam as one of the top results.

You will find some difficulty finding archived video, and you will especially find difficulty in looking for web cams that actually point towards the direction of the sunset or sunrise.

The establishment doesn't want people worrying about looking at the sky, after all, isn't it football Sunday?

After visiting the earth cam website there looks like there could be a sunset or sunrise camera we could watch, but no results:

This is real ladies and gentleman, this is not a conspiracy theory, it's all in the Georgia Guidestones.

In our area it is difficult to view the sunrises and sunsets, as usually clouds accompany them. Our story never changes, and here are the photo's displaying what we mean.

This photo was taken at around 10:17 am in the state of Mississippi U.S.A facing south-east. The camera doesn't pick up the pink reddish color but it is obvious to the viewer.

Never, have we seen the entire south-east sky turn this pink color so late in the evening. This means that the planet x system is getting closer, and time is short.

This photo is showing us the western sky around 7:20 pm sunset time in the state of Mississippi, USA. one thing you will notice at the bottom of the photo is the cloud on the bottom of the photo, and the redness just above the cloud.

The color of the sky is red, dark orange, and even some yellow mixed between. No longer are the western skies blue as the sun has set, just this strange color.

A little bit later earlier in the evening and we can see the sky completely covered with clouds, and red/orange.

Another note we want to point out to our readers, there are people on the internet who will say things like " well, I can't see planet x on this instrument from Nasa" and act like it's all just made up, but these same people will not report on what they actually see in the sky.

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Most of the instruments online are manipulated, along with many other things in this world. After all, we have one of the illuminati controlled celebrities nicki minaj stating this "We all do interviews and we all know how they manipulate sh-. "

So now we have Hollywood pretty much admitting to everything that has been revealed in recent years about the industry, government, politics, certain religions . This unveiling, is part of a plan, and that plan was to cover up the biggest story in 13,000 years, and that is planet x, aka hercolubus.

Hollywood is there to keep certain minds focused on the irrelevant, meanwhile big things are happening in the present. The public is being monitored to see who will accept the New world order after planet x, hence the words "maintain" on the Georgia Guidestones which is after an event.

Moving Forward

We can't guarantee any new videos on our YouTube channel, one of our accounts has been disabled, and we might be taken off YouTube at any given moment. The account that is associated with our YouTube account has been disabled.

We will be posting many updates on our website, as we don't know how long the internet will be available.

Some items to consider while there is some time, even though our source is saying 11 months( another source 9 months) until the planet x system affects us the most.

  • Solar flash lights
  • Food
  • Water
  • Good location
  • A Group

News Blitz- Chile is in a state of emergency, Japan is still recovering from flooding, 1,400 homes have been destroyed by fires in California, and aftershocks continue in Chile.

We'll close with one image, that drives home what type of time it is at this point:


It is also good to see the real earthquakes that are taking place are now being covered by emsc, but USGS forgot again, click here

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We research the truth about planet X, earth changes.

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We research the truth about planet X, earth changes.

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